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I Got Blues For You

"The Perry siblings once again bring it. Guitarist Ryan remains a devoted disciple of B.B. King and, like his brother and sister, has an advanced sense of taste. On King Snake (and other cuts) he not only shows that restraint, but provides churning rhythm, augmenting the consistent, dependable undercurrent from Taya and Kyle."

- RA
Vintage Guitar
November, 2009 


"Fans hungry for more from this amazing North Mississippi trio will find a feast in this sensational new album from Northern Blues Music.

"The Perry siblings, Ryan, sixteen, lead guitar and vocals; Kyle, fourteen, bass; and Taya, ten, drums, burst upon the blues music scene in 2007, placing second in the band category in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis against a field of a hundred and the rest is legend. Not only were they the youngest blues band to sign with a major recording company, their smash debut album for Northern Blues Music,
Pay Me No Mind, rocked Billboard Charts for seven weeks and garnered the band a nomination for the coveted Blues Music Award for Best New Artist Debut, 2008.

"Their momentum continues. Homemade Jamz has been featured on the TV programs
Today Show, (NBC), All Things Considered (NPR) and Sunday Morning News (CBS) and is in demand for festivals and other events everywhere.

"And their music keeps getting better.
I’ve Got Blues For You features twelve tracks, eleven of which are original numbers penned by their father Renaud Perry, who not only creates the unique handmade guitars Ryan and Kyle play but joins in with some rich harmonica work on several songs, including the rocking Hobo Man and the smoking title track I Got Blues for You.

"Ryan’s wailing guitar work and throaty vocals backed by Kyle and Taya’s strong percussion keep the beat jumping on the Titus Turner cover
Grits Ain’t Groceries, and from the up-tempo Hard Headed Woman to the sweet love ballad Heaven Lost an Angel to the traditional low down blues grooves of In the Wind, this album is a winner.

"An immediate sensation from day one, Homemade Jamz proves once again they are no flash in the pan.
I’ve Got Blues for You is a powerful follow up to the band’s knock out debut album. Their music is only getting better. Two thumbs up for I Got Blues for You!"

- Joan Turner
Blues Blast Magazine
July, 2009 


"The U.S. flag is raised over Monterey's Old Custom House as sailors and Marines land. Commodore Sloat's forces are seen arriving in small water craft from, left to right, the U.S. Sloop-of-War Cyane, Sloat's flagship the U.S. Frigate Savannah and U.S. Sloop-of-War Levant. A Mexican fort can be seen on the point.

"The blues is a genre built on the kind of life experience that turns smooth, youthful faces into road maps of heartache.

"Which is why three smiling siblings from Tupelo, Miss., look a bit out of place on the main stage at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival.

"But all of that changes when Ryan Perry, 15, plays the first riffs on his lead guitar, supported by his 13-year-old brother, Kyle, on bass guitar, and his 9-year-old sister, Taya, on drums.

"The sounds they make together as The Homemade Jamz Blues Band are worthy of inclusion on a weekend playbill that includes the likes of Elvin Bishop, Clarence Carter, Jeffrey Osborne and Lucky Peterson.

"Their guitars, by the way, were crafted from automobile mufflers by their father, Renaud, a former U.S. Army mechanic who seems just as thunderstruck by the astonishing talents of his children as their appreciative audience.

All of a sudden, here we are, you know? We just recently had to quit our jobs, he said. This is all pretty amazing to all of us, I think.

"Renaud stands in the shadows, in a corner of the stage, and accompanies his children on the blues harp. He blows rich, grinding notes like a guy who grew up with the instrument. In fact, he learned how to play the instrument from watching YouTube videos, he says, and he's only been playing for two years.

"To that, his three children might ask,
What took you so long?

"Ryan was 8 years old when he found an old electric guitar in an attic and started playing
around. By the end of the first week, he not only was imitating TV jingles, but he'd written a tune of his own. He performed with an electric drum machine as his only bandmate, inspiring Kyle along the way.

"Kyle, not as patient as his older brother, gave up on the piano and the guitar, but became curious about the bass after watching Willie Dixon videos.

"Renaud explains.

"Every time the camera would show Willie Dixon, I noticed (Kyle) was looking real hard, so I said, 'Son, you think you want to try that?' And he said, 'Dad, I think I could get that,' Renaud said. So I said, 'OK, I'm gonna go out and buy you one, but you better learn it. You're not going to quit on me this time!'

"One week after picking up the instrument, Kyle was already proficient enough to join his brother on stage.

"Baby sister Taya, four years younger than Kyle, picked up the tambourine when she was 6, and started playing the drums at 7. After two months of practice, she asked Ryan if she could play while he practiced.

He said, 'Yeah, yeah ... just don't bother me,' Taya remembered. So I hopped on the drums and just went from there.

"Where she went was straight into the band.

"By 2006, they were good enough to take first place at the Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola Blues Challenge. The following year, competing against 93 adult blues bands, they were runners-up at the International Blues Challenge, became the youngest blues band ever to sign a record deal (with Toronto-based Northern Blues Music), and got invited to appear on the CBS Sunday Morning Show.

"Last year, the Bay Area Blues Society's West Coast Hall of Fame named them 'New Artist of the Year' in the blues genre, and they were invited onto NBC's Today Show. They also performed at the 2008 Monterey Bay Blues Festival.

Our lives have changed a lot, definitely, since the band got started, Kyle said. We got taken out of regular school to be home-schooled. We're staying on the road. It seems like we're busy all the time.

"Kyle and Taya love the home schooling. Ryan says he misses the social network of his high school.

I don't like it much, but it's necessary and I'm starting to get used to it, said Ryan, who will enter his senior year in the fall. And it's worth it, pursuing this awesome career we have. I still get to hang out with my friends every once in a while.

"Their mom, Tricia, travels with the family, too, keeping the family intact and the logistics running smoothly as they play gigs at festivals all over the country alongside the Who's Who of blues.

We've opened for B.B. King. We've played with B.B. King. And we've met just about every big name in the business, Renaud said. Some are really nice guys. Some aren't so nice. You know how that goes.

"The kids already have cut two albums. The first,
Pay Me No Mind, was released in 2008, and their most recent, I Got Blues For You, came out June 9.

"They played several cuts from the new CD during Saturday's performance, wowing the crowd at the main arena, then autographed their CDs for a long line of admirers afterward.

"But their father says they receive no star treatment at home.

Oh, yeah, we've got a yard to cut, hedges to trim, vehicles to maintain and clean, Renaud said. We put all the cars up in the air, change oil, rotate tires. I don't relax on them even a little bit. I want them to learn that this is part of the business — maintaining your property at home while you're gone on these long trips."

- Dennis Taylor
Monterey County Herald
June, 2009 


"Having watched the careers of Johnny Lang and Shannon Curfman rise to the forefront of the blues world, it’s interesting to note the path taken by the Perry kids --- Kyle, Ryan and Tara --- as their career continues to build. This amazing young band from Mississippi, Homemade Jamz Blues Band, tore it up at the concert that kicked off this year’s International Blues Challenge, and they’re continuing to receive national media coverage not often accorded other blues musicians. Through it all they’re relatively unaffected by the crazy world around them and concentrate on what they do best --- playing music.

"Their latest disc from NorthernBlues Music,
I Got Blues For You, features 11 original tunes written by their father, Renaud and one tastefully chosen cover. Let’s roll with it.

"Our first tune up,
Hard Headed Woman, starts out with a strong bass line from Kyle before Ryan’s guitar kicks in. Hard headed woman…thinks she’s all that…hard headed woman…won’t take me back…but…that’s ok…I’ve found another…hard headed woman! It’s interesting to hear Ryan sing about life experiences he’s yet to live and that’s a key component of what makes this band so unique. They’re tapped into the soul of the blues without really having lived the blues. It will definitely be interesting to hear the growth in their music as Ryan and his siblings begin to write their own songs and share their life experiences with fans of their music.

"Shimmering cymbals from Tara set the stage for Ryan’s soulful guitar intro as Renaud’s harp kicks in on
Rumors. Ryan tells us the story of a man who is constantly being accused of misbehaving. I work on the job…never missed a day…but if you listen to the rumors…I’m never at the place! This man is accused of many things but none of it is true and he continues to live his life with his head held high. Next up is Dusk Till Dawn, and here the man portrayed is nothing but bad. Went to go pay my child support…said, come on in and have your way…took a good look at her with that red dress…Lord, I knew I was going to be late… and the next thing I knew…dusk turned into dawn! The temptations prove too much to resist and the same thing happens, dusk turns into dawn!

Roots, we find that he’s has met his match. That girl put some roots on me…Lord knows…I’m trying to stop giving her my time…but, she put some roots on me! No matter how hard he tries to escape her clutches, he keeps coming back. She put some roots on me! Heaven Lost An Angel is the first real slow ballad on the disc and my favorite tune on the disc. Sitting around here…down on my luck…something told me…man…you need a little girl…as I raised my head…to a beauty only for the Lord to see…I swear to you people…there’s an angel standing right in front of me…heaven lost an angel! A stirring guitar solo by Ryan emphasizes his thankfulness at having been sent such a wonderful woman to love.

"Renaud’s harp sets the stage for our next cut,
Loco Blues. Well, I’m headed down to Clarksdale…there ain’t no turning back…I’m headed down to Clarksdale…to play me some Delta blues! Jumping the train to Clarksdale gives Ryan the chance to explore the world and it will be awhile before he heads back home. Tell my baby I love her…but I won’t be back for awhile…headed down to Clarksdale…ain’t no turning back! Kyle is keeping the back end tight with a heavy bass line on the next cut, King Snake. I’m a king snake baby…and I’m trying to get on down…the other snakes know by now…I’m the baddest snake around!

"A music duel between Renaud’s harp and Ryan’s guitar sets the tone for
Hobo Man. I’m a hobo man…and I just walked…in your town…I’m not looking for no kind of trouble…just a place to lay my birdies down. This man is just drifting through and he’ll leave you alone if you do the same. Next up is trouble of a different kind, Alcoholic Woman. When she’s drunk…she tells me she loves me…but when she’s sober…she pays me no mind…I can’t tell if she really loves me y’all…there’s really no telling…what’s on her mind. Alcohol can cloud many issues and here any man will be hard pressed to ever know what the truth really is. In the Wind finds Ryan heading back home to see his woman. I’m a 100 miles from nowhere and I’ve got this big Cadillac…in the wind…I’m going to see my baby…going to see my baby…once again. The nose of his Cadillac is headed in the right direction and he’ll be home soon.

"I Got Blues for You closes with a cover, Grits and Groceries, that is very well done and then the title track. If I don’t love you…baby…grits and groceries…eggs and poultry…and Mona Lisa was a man! A great tune that I’ve not heard for awhile, Grits and Groceries, was a tune performed consistently here locally by one of our past IBC contestants, Buzz & the Soul Senders.

"Our final cut,
I Got Blues for You,” finds Ryan wising up to the ways of the woman who’s been in is life. Every time I got something to say…you just roll your eyes and turn and walk away…I got blues for you baby…ain’t going to be your fool…doggone no more!

"I Got Blues for You is an excellent sophomore effort by Ryan, Kyle and Tara. The Perrys are definitely a talented bunch and the musicianship on their new record is phenomenal. They’ve come a long way since the first time I saw them onstage at the Orpheum in Memphis, and the sky is really the limit for them. I’m looking forward to the next record and hope to hear original tunes from Ryan, Kyle and Tara themselves. It’s the next step in their evolution and will definitely make for some interesting listening.

"In the meantime, you can grab a copy of the new disc from the Perry’s on their website, or from their label at And catch a live performance soon if you can. You’ll be impressed with a stage presence and musicianship that is well beyond their years."

- Kyle Deibler
Blues Bytes
July, 2009 


"The Homemade Jamz Band has returned with its sophomore effort for NorthernBlues, I Got Blues For You. Their surprising 2008 debut, Pay Me No Mind, received tons of critical acclaim and led to a tour of the U.S., Canada, and Europe. They also became the youngest band to be nominated for a Blues Music Award.

"The band consists of the Perry Family: singer/guitarist Ryan Perry (17 years old), bassist Kyle Perry (14), and drummer Taya Perry (10), but don’t let their ages prevent you from checking them out. As on their previous release,
I Got Blues For You features the group performing songs composed by their father, Renaud, who built the guitars that his sons play and also contributes some respectable harmonica to several tracks.

"Ryan Perry’s fretwork is impressive, whether he’s tearing it up on a track like
Rumors or Heaven Lost An Angel, laying down some straight blues on the driving Roots or Hard Headed Woman, or the slow blues of Dusk Till Dawn. He plays with a confidence and passion that belie his years. Unlike many youngsters playing guitar, he doesn’t overplay…..each solo is a model of taste and restraint. His gruff, gravelly vocals are well-suited for the blues and will only improve over time. His siblings are just as remarkable, with Kyle Perry providing rock-solid bass and Taya Perry ably handling the drums.

"Renaud Perry’s compositions cover most of the familiar blues themes and the band does a fine job with them, particularly the title track,
Loco Blues, and King Snake. Though some of the songs tackle topics that are probably still beyond the life experiences of the band members, they handle these smoothly. The lone cover is a rocking version of Titus Turner’s Grits Ain’t Groceries.

"I Got Blues For You is every bit as good as the band’s debut recording. It’s a powerful set of modern blues that should please fans both young and old. The Homemade Jamz Band is here for the duration and it will be interesting to see where they go from here."

- Graham Clarke
Blues Bytes
July, 2009 


"It’s hard not to be skeptical of bands of youngsters that get showcased on The Today Show, CBS Morning News, and in the USA Today. It’s always a nice story that gets everybody excited, but the actual music ends up being secondary. This is certainly not the case for The Homemade Jamz Blues Band out of Tupelo, Mississippi.

"HJBB is comprised of brothers Ryan (17) and Kyle Perry (14), along with kid sister Taya (10). Ryan plays guitar and provides vocals, Kyle plays bass, and Taya bangs the drums. Of course the ages of this trio stick out like a sore thumb, but if one of their tracks came on the radio, you would have no idea this was a band of school aged siblings.

"On their second album,
I Got Blues for You, The Homemade Jamz Blue Band bring a solid, traditional blues sound that emulates their influences, B.B. King and Steve Ray Vaughn. Ryan’s gruff vocals sound like he was born to sing the blues, and his guitar playing exemplifies the emotions of someone that truly understands the genre. His knowledge is clearly well beyond his years. Kyle and Taya provide a quality rhythm section, but you can tell that they haven’t been playing as long as their older brother. Apparently there is a minor drawback to having a rhythm section with a combined age of 24. On the rare occasion that you think a track starts sounding a little similar, a fourth Perry, their father Renaud, adds some well-fitting harmonica to the mix.

"One thing that certainly stands out on the album is that the lyrics are rather mature for a 16 year old. Ryan sings about the problems of grown adults as if they were familiar, which of course they aren’t. This is because the lyrics were written by his father. At first I felt a little cheated by that, but the more I think about it I am actually relieved. The trio did write all of the music for the album though.

I Got Blues for You is just the right thing for this time of year. It’s hard not to press play and feel compelled to pour yourself a tall glass of lemonade and have some friends over for a nice barbeque under the hot sun. With a clear focus on the music rather than the marketing of this young act, The Homemade Jamz Blues Band has a long, encouraging road ahead of them that will only get better with time."

- Kevin Kozel, Fox News
June, 2009 


"Those of you who saw Homemade Jamz perform at last year's Pittsburgh Blues Festival should remember a set of hard and tough old-fashioned blues performed by three of the youngest bluespersons you'd ever seen, all siblings from the Perry family, of Tupelo, Miss. -- lead guitarist and singer Ryan Perry, now 17, bass player Kyle, 14 and drummer Taya, 10. They played guitar and bass made from car mufflers, with Taya keeping a rock-steady rhythm and a flower in her hair.

"If it hadn't been for Taj Mahal closing that night, the Perry blueskids would have been the day's best. As it was, they made it hard for even Taj to follow.

"Now they have a new CD --
I Got Blues For You (Northern Blues) -- to follow up their fine debut, Pay Me No Mind.

"It takes them a step beyond their earlier covers and self-penned tunes, with lyrics by father Renaud Perry. Now it's almost entirely the Jamz' work, with more sophisticated arrangements, a little funk thrown in here and there, and a lot more mature music making. Especially Ryan on vocals, whose full-throated blues and tough guitar licks could well be coming from a more senior blues player.

"In fact, as you lsiten to the album, you don't hear the playing of three youngsters, you hear the music of grizzled blues vets, and the obvious question is: 'Where the hell is this coming from?' ...

"...It's a little scary they way these kids grind out the blues. It's not that they are trying to sound like somebody else's blues band, it's more that they are pulling on some deep feelings and passions that make them a real blues band of their own. I know, that sounds a little bit over the top, but just listen to the music. At 17, Ryan has already got some fine guitar licks, and his vocals reach back for the strength and feeling that should be well beyond his years...

"...If they stick together and keep at it, the Homemade Jamz could find themselves right at the top of just a handful of blues players who are bringing you the real deal.

- Jim White
Pittsburg Post-Gazette
July, 2009